The Forgotten Alouettes?


Not by adjutant Réal St-Amour.

A Flight ground crew

« A » Flight ground crew

B Flight Ground Personel

« B » Flight ground crew

Spooner Lagacé Jones Savoie Cantin

Spooner (Cuillerier), Lajoie, Jones, Savoie, Cantin

I had problems with identifying Spooner simply because there was a real Spooner with the Alouettes.


No. 425 Wellington B. Mk. X, “Blues in the Night.”

Left to Right – P/O J.E. Leigh, F/Sgt. R.S. MacKay, Ferdinand le Dressay and P/O C. L. Spooner, 31 August 1943, [PL183303]

Jones was Earl Jones.

He’s all smile on May 10, 1944.

PL-29321Sqn 425Uk-10707Cpl Quillerier, Cpl Lavioe, LAC Jones, Savoie & Cantin

Earl was a ground crew servicing his brother’s Halifax.

At first his brother was an unknown pilot in Réal St-Amour’s album.

zoom pilote inconnu

Réal St-Amour had not identified him as such, but he was present on several photos.

On this one after a mission I think, but I am still not certain.

debriefing 2

debriefing 3

même pilote

pilote inconnu






During the Second World War more than 116,000 men and women of the Air Forces of the British Commonwealth gave their lives in service. More than 17,000 of these were members of the Royal Canadian Air Force, or Canadians serving with the Royal Air Force. Approximately one-third of all who died have no known grave.

P/O N. Jones RCAF and crew, flying Halifax III LW428 coded KW-C, failed to return from this operation.

Sgt G. Mabbott RAF
P/O M. Latornell RCAF
P/O M. McLeod RCAF
P/O J. Laviolette RCAF
P/O J. Bouchard RCAF
P/O J. Tracey RCAF

All were killed.

On their 4th operation, target Berlin, 25 March 1944, aboard Halifax KW-C, all the crew members perished when their bomber crashed at the mouth of the Elbe River. Three crew members were buried in Germany. Laviolette’s body as well as the body of three others were never found.


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