If you write, they will come…

In 2010 I did not know 425 Alouette Squadron had ever existed before let alone that this young airman seen below had lost his life over France on May 23rd, 1944.

Little did I know back then that in 2016 Jacky Emery  would be looking for relatives of the crew of Élie Laporte and asking me to assist him in his search.

Little did I know also that Remi’s relatives knew very little about Remi’s service in the RCAF. Little did I know that I would find Remi’s file on the Internet just last week.


Remi Tétrault (source)

How this blog came to be created in the first place is I got curious when a  veteran  of 425 Alouette Squadron contacted  me on my blog Souvenirs  de  guerre.

He had a scrapbook full of  pictures  like this one, and he wanted to share  with me his  experience in the RCAF.

Jean-Paul Corbeil, mitrailleur tourelle dorsale, et Pierre Gauthier, navigateur

My veteran Jean-Paul Corbeil, mid-upper gunner,
and his friend Pierre Gauthier, navigator

This is when I created my first blog about 425 Les Alouettes.

In 2012 I was considering stopping writing my blogs about WWII since I had little feedbacks from people…

Then one of  my readers  wrote me this comment.

If you write, they will come…

Tetrault boys - Tagged

collection the Tetrault family via Debbie Fontaine

I have written so much about 425 Alouette Squadron that I had to create this second blog to add more pictures people were sharing like Réal St-Amour’s daughter did earlier this year.

Réal St-Amour1

Réal St-Amour

Rémi Tetrault did not come back from the war, and his relatives knew little about his service in the RCAF.


collection Jacky Emery

Debbie, Jacky, and I will be teaming up to write Remi Tetrault’s story on this blog.





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