Remembering Robert Francis Archambault

From my database of 2083 names…

Archambault Robert Francis
Pilot R.F. Archambault
Ottawa, Ontario
Photo Archambault crew

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From the Website…

ARCHAMBAULT, F/L Robert Francis (J11286)

– Distinguished Flying Cross

– No.425 Squadron

– Award effective 5 June 1945 per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1147/45 dated 13 July 1945.

Born in Ottawa, 5 December 1917; home there; enlisted there 19 June 1941 and posted to No.4A Manning Depot. To No.16 Explosives Depot, 26 July 1941. To No.31 OTU, 2 August 1941. To No.3 ITS, 12 September 1941; graduated and promoted LAC, 19 October 1941 but not posted to No.20 EFTS until 8 November 1941; graduated 2 January 1942 and posted next day to No.16 SFTS; graduated and commissioned 24 April 1942. To Trenton, 25 May 1942. To Mountain View, 28 June 1942. To \ »Y\ » Depot, 24 September 1943.

Taken on strength of No.3 PRC, 21 October 1943. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 24 April 1944. Retired 11 September 1945. Repatriated with No.426 Squadron, 14 June 1945. Presented with award 1 December 1948.

Flight Lieutenant Archambault has completed many sorties against such targets as Duisburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf. On one occasion in January 1945 he was detailed to attack Chemnitz. On the outward flight some important equipment became unserviceable. Later trouble was experienced with the port outer engine. Undeterred, this officer proceeded to the target which was successfully bombed despite intense enemy activity. He has at all times displayed the utmost determination and devotion to duty.



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