Draft Epilogue – Jimmy Goodwin’s Log book for 1944

Note: I never got around to post this on the blog.

Jimmy Goodwin was a Flight Engineeer with 425 Alouette Squadron after his first tour of operations.


This is just a draft post as I will expand on it later when time permits.


Jimmy, that was how Harry James Goodwin was known by his crew when he was with RAF 78 Squadron.

That’s what his daughter told me about her father among many other things.

My Dad joined 78 squadron. There was another Harry, so as Dad was the younger, the crew called Dad by his second name and he was thereafter known for the rest of his lifetime as Jim or Jimmy, only his parents and siblings called him Harry. This may help to jog a few memories of people and their families about my Dad.

Jimmy’s second tour of operations was with 425 Alouette Squadron after his first operational tour having survived 27 sorties.

7 log book 1-6-43 next pages first tour completed

The RAF required that airmen fly 50 operations.

Before joining the Alouettes he was assigned to 1664 Conversion Unit in January 1944 loging 22:55 hours of day flying time and 2:15 of night flying time. No major problems were encountered because he would have added a note in his log book.

1 log book 1-1-44

7 February 1944…

2 log book 7-2-44

Harry James Goodwin DFM becomes an Alouette. He did some local flying with Squadron Leader Blenkinsop as a Flight Engineer aboard Halifax III KW-J.


Duty Carried Out…

What happened to Squadron Leader Blenkinsop whose nickname was Teddy is here and here.


On 8 February 1944 he flies with Flight Lieutenant Lecomte who was 425’s Wing Commander.

Joe Lecomte

On the same day it’s a night cross country for 6.25 hours with Sergeant Hall.

18 March 1944

28th sortie! Having survived 27 « ops » Jimmy Goodwin is part of C.R. Jones’ crew aboard KW-D: « Ops » Frankfurt – D.C.O. – 5.37 night flying time.

29th sortie…

Again with C.R. Jones’ crew aboard KW-J: « Ops » Frankfurt – D.C.O. – 5.51 night flying time.

Then Jimmy changes crews!

3 log book 18-3-44

We all know what happened to C.R. Jones on March 25th, 1944 don’t we?

Casey Jones Tracey and Collins

C.R. Jones in the middle

Next is Flying Officer Kirk. Then Flying Officer Wilmot.

4 log book 20-4-44

Flying Officer Dennett…

5 log book 27-6-44

Pilot Officer Landry

Wing Commander Lecomte…!

6 log book 25-7-44

Warrant Officer Ryan is next.

7 log book 4-8-44


8 log book 7-9-44


9 log book 1-11-44



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